Tuesday, November 02, 2010



So the king was really a phony,
all those homeruns were only a scam,
and Frankenstein needed a needle
to build the higher man.

The gods of your youth were illusions,
and all the old dreams were a lie,
caught up in steroids and opiates,
was the one thing that money can't buy.

Off stage your heroes' allies,
all commerce in illegal drugs,
while your heroes enhance their performance
abetted by criminal thugs.

Like jet fighters piercing an Afghan sky,
truncating Canada's sons,
while opium poppies bloom in Helmand,
and amphetamines fire their guns.

But what made Barry Bonds do it,
or U.S. pilots over foreign soil?
For the lord of the Afghan drug rings?
Or was it our addiction to oil?

Who is the authentic addict?
Who the certified chumps?
The ones with the go-pills and steroids,
or the ones filling up at the pump?

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