Friday, July 31, 2009


Why is it some people get away with murder,
hell, some people get away with mass murder,
and others go to jail for just
opening their mouths?
That is what they’re doing in Pakistan,
and Afghanistan, mass murder. Guy in an office
10,000 miles away in Langley pulls the trigger
and a dozen people die in a Hellfire missile attack;
DA, judge, jury, and executioner.
And then there was the guy who was the head of
the central bank in New York. He got caught not
paying his taxes for five years. Know what they did?
They promoted him. Now he runs the money department
for the whole country. And his loan shark pals are busy
knee-capping people into the streets for being late
on their mortgages. And then there was the woman
who was arrested for just wearing a T-shirt;
the shirt just had the number of US soldiers who died
in Iraq written on it. And they arrested her because they
didn’t want people thinking about that.

There was a children’s book one time called Animal Farm,
where they said “all animals are created equal”.
The pigs stayed up all night rearranging that to say
“but some are more equal than others.”

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Katherine said...

When I read your "Animal Farm" summary of the poem, I immediately recognized the political corn crop with which we are all familiar: Senator Huff-n-Puff out in the field plucking a few adverbs here, an adjective or two there, maybe a simile in this row, and a dangling participle in that one, but then adding them all to a lethal stew which the public somehow keeps choking down. Although, I suppose if they add enough apathy, fear, and maybe-if-I-don't-think-about-it, it probably slides down easily enough?

In any case, you create a different mixture for us, still shining brightly with a ruthless light, and why not? Nicely done.

Kathy Mutty <-- voice from the past.