Friday, April 14, 2006

"Philosophical Differences" over Torture

My understanding is that all of the interrogation(torture) techniques that were approved at Abu Ghraib were also approved at the U.S. torture facility at Guantanamo Bay. I remember thinking at the time that the departure of General Rick Baccus (October 2002) amid reports of his “philosophical differences” with the new direction at Guantanamo... that those reports were a pretty sure sign that there was torture going on at Guantanamo (final confirmation of this is abundantly clear from Alfred McCoy’s “A Question of Torture”.)

Officially Baccus left because of the "merging of detention and interrogation missions" which in turn was what General Antonio Taguba called "doctrinally unsound" at Abu Ghraib, and what he credited with leading to "sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses" there.

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Mary said...

General Miller who perfected the "interrogation tecniques( torture Methods ") at Guantanamo was sent to Abu Ghraib to do the same in Iraq. General Miller nor any of the top level staff who must have directed the methods of torture used by lower level soldiers if you analyze "The Question of Torture" including General Sanchez et al were never disciplined for the Stain on the reputation of the Officer Corps of the United States.Has anyone heard of "blowback"?