Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stop the news blackout on Bob Woodruff

I’m just so worried about Bob Woodruff, and the news blackout on him has only increased my fears.

Shortly after the bombing and ambush that injured him about a month ago, it was reported that he “will be weaned off a breathing tube”: but subsequent news reports have never actually stated that he is now off the breathing tube. Early reports said he “has increasingly shown signs of consciousness,” but subsequent reports have never mentioned him actually regaining consciousness (based on Google News searches, March 3, 2006., only 3 hits for Bob Woodruff and consciousness, only 6 for "breathing tube.")

The news blackout on this story should be lifted in order to ease people's fears about this widely loved and admired news anchor, the first in American history to be severely imaged in a war zone.

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